Sometimes You Need to Play Soccer

Here is our quote for September:

“Right here, right now, God has placed you to do what you do best.  Go all the way.”   —Coach Eric Taylor

          A great quote indeed.  This past year has been tough in the greater Houston area with so many people being affected by Hurricane Harvey.  With this tragedy came many opportunities for our community to help and support one another.

Traditional soccer ball on soccer field

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day (we will call him C.W.) and it reminded me of the work he did after Hurricane Harvey.  His work was closed many days after Hurricane Harvey hit and he like a lot of us helped neighbors and total strangers with clean up.  C.W. is a HUGE soccer fan; he took that love of soccer and started an impromptu soccer game with some of the neighborhood children where he was volunteering.  No goals, no cleats, just a soccer ball from the trunk of C.W.’s car, a patch of grass and a group of children.  This type of kindness was felt all over the Houston area in the past year.  A soccer game, so simple and fun, was just what those children needed…they needed to be children, they needed a break from the stress that they were feeling.

There is no doubt in my mind that C.W. was placed at that place and at that time to help those children remember what it is to have fun with other children.   In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives sometimes we miss opportunities to be the best that we can be.  A kind word, a positive smile, a nod, paying it forward at Starbucks, or stopping for a pedestrian when it’s raining.  There are opportunities all around us we just have to make sure to take time to read the subtle cues and respond to them with the love in our hearts.  Make sure that you do what you do best today and maybe you can help someone else to…

Live Life to the Fullest!!!

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School is back in session; tax free weekend is over so now we will see a retail dash for missed school supplies or forgotten articles of clothing.  If there is a new school gadget that the kids are needing I haven’t heard of it.  Schools now have their own wi-fi, and maybe even a library full of tablets for the students to check out.  Education has come a long way from the days of a hand-held chalk board.  Many teachers will have students turn in projects over the internet or have their students access the internet during class.  Computers, smart phones, tablets, we are living in an interesting time, a time where information is at our finger tips but is this preparing future generations for a dramatic fall?

Information overload, the need to get the one right answer, the ability to seek information without interacting with another person.  Let’s be clear, not everything on the internet is true.  We cannot allow our youth to take what they find on the internet at face value.  Students need to continue to consult experts in the field of knowledge…real people not a blog or Facebook articles.   They need to continue to have discussions with their peers, their teachers and their parents.

Lastly and in my opinion most importantly, the students need their parents support.  I am NOT talking about crazy soccer parent support.  I am talking about going back to the basics of human decency, manners, courtesy, respecting everyone’s opinion, everyone’s bubble, etc.  Above all I think that children need to be taught how to be gracious WINNERS again.

When my son was starting high school football my dad told my son, “If you ever get the chance to score a touchdown, act like you have been their before.”  Yes, that pretty much came out of nowhere.  I could see the wheels going in my son’s head, he was thinking past the obvious meaning and starting to understand the deeper meaning.  Winners win because they prepare to win.  Winners don’t win because they berate the other team.  Winners don’t when by cheating.  Winners don’t win because they have the best touchdown celebration.  Winners win because they practice winning.

“I hate to lose more than I love winning. —Jimmy Connors

So, school is back in session.  Be mindful of the school zone and the big yellow school buses picking up and dropping off children.  Be on the lookout for unexpected little bikers that haven’t quite go the hang of riding their bike but are so excited to have the independence to ride to and from school.  It’s going to be a GREAT school year; the weather is slowly getting cooler and football will be here soon.

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